Dashboard camera and home drone announced by Ring.

Amazon subsidiary Ring comes with two brand new products. These are the Ring Car Cam and the Ring Always Home Cam: two cameras that both serve completely different purposes. The Car Cam is a dashboard camera that can, among other things, film the police if you are stopped, while the Always Home Cam is a drone that allows you to fly through your house and keep an eye on everything.

Ring Car Alarm
Ring founder Jamie Sminoff thinks the expansion into automotive is a logical step. Customers are asking for better ways to make their car safer. Ring comes with more than just a camera for the car. It is an alarm ($ 59.99) that sends a notification to your phone when a break-in, or when the car starts to move due to towing or a collision. An alarm will also sound in the car, which may deter burglars. Car Alarm connects to your phone through Amazon’s Sidewalk network, which will go live later this year.

The Car Cam is the first time that a Ring camera can be used outdoors. It costs $ 200 and is intended for the car dashboard. On the one hand you have a camera that looks to the outside of the car and on the other hand one that faces the inside. This way you can, just like Car Alarm, notice when someone is in your car. At the same time, the dashcam can, for example, film you when you are stopped by the police. All you have to do is say “Alexa, I’m being pulled over”. In the context of privacy it is possible to disable cameras.

Ring is working with car manufacturers to ensure that as many cars as possible support the new tech. Tesla is the first company to work with. Model 3, X, S and Y with Sentry mode can install the new Ring tech in their car.