Puppy proofing your house

To keep your dog safe, it is essential that your puppy proofing your house. These are some of the things you can do to avoid any injuries.

Living room

Carpets/ Couch

Protect your couches and carpets first. This is especially important for white or cream carpets. It will be soiled by your pooch if he jumps on it. Protective coverings are necessary to keep your pooch safe from falling off any high-rise platform. You should also make sure that you do not place any valuables over these surfaces. Your pooch could jump on it and  cause damage. Roll up the carpets until your dog is old enough to unroll them.

Television unit

Protect the edges of a TV cabinet made from wood if you want it to last. Your puppy will likely do the same thing. They chew on wood to strengthen their teeth. These exposed edges can be covered with wood protector strips. It can be covered with cloth strips to prevent your dog from chewing or biting at it.


Dogs could be very dangerous around open sockets. To ensure safety, you must cover all exposed sockets. The socket plugs can be used to block them. You should also roll up any wires or cables your dog might chew on. Even if the cables aren’t connected, it is possible to connect one that has been chewed on and start a fire.


Make sure your dog is safe on stairs and take precautions if it becomes a danger.


Your pet will be most at home in a bed. They will consider it their home and not their owners’. Pup-pies won’t hesitate to vomit on their beds. Many pets will jump onto the bed right after they eat and end up re-educating their food. Your puppy should not be allowed to sleep on your bed until it is old enough to stop doing this. To prevent your dog from getting into your room, you can lock the doors to your bedroom. If your dog climbs on the bed, you must shout

Cupboards / Closets

Your cupboards and closets will be a favorite place for pups to explore. They will chew anything they find rough, so all your expensive clothes are at risk. They will grab anything on a shelf and begin chewing it right away. You can end up paying a lot more than you think. To prevent them from accessing your cupboards and closets, lock them.

Shoe racks

Your dog will love to raid your shoe rack and closet. Your dog will not hesitate to rip apart any shoe or slipper. If you have expensive shoes, this can be an issue. Keep your shoes in a closed closet or high up so your dog can’t reach them. They will eat socks as well.



Keep the pantry locked. Also, make sure there aren’t any food packets outside. You can be sure that your dog will not chew anything, even packaged cartons. All your candies and chocolates should be kept in drawers or in a fridge. To prevent your pet’s entry, you can keep the kitchen door shut all the time.


Pets love to chew on the legs of chairs and tables. To sharpen their teeth, they will not hesitate to chew on the legs of chairs and tables. Protecting the legs of these chairs and tables with protective materials such as thick clothes is a good idea. You can keep an eye on them and install cameras all around the house. Spray them with puppy repellant spray to protect your furniture.


Your pets can find the garden just as dangerous as any other room in the house.


To keep your pets away from your garden tools, you must lock them all. You can hang them from the garage or place them in plastic containers. You should make sure your pet is safe from sharp objects and implements while they run.


Certain plants could be hazardous for your pet. They can cause poisoning if they are chewed on. It is important to know the signs and ensure that your pet does not have access to these plants. You might also find thorny plants that could be equally dangerous and injure your pet. These plants can be protected by fencing. These are just a few of the many ways you can protect your home and prevent injuries to pets.