Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, foldable and larger

The big question remains, are we all waiting for foldable smartphones. The first models were simply not good, but they introduced a whole new take on our much-loved mobile device. Unfortunately for Samsung, there were also immediate problems. These have had a major impact on the wow factor of this quite special smartphone. Now a few years later, everything about the device has been improved.

Samsung Z Fold2
Yesterday, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 was officially presented, after having already been announced during the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The new foldable smartphone is the successor to the first generation Galaxy Fold and is better in all areas. than its predecessor. With new and improved specifications, larger screens, new software and a sleek design, but unfortunately with a hefty (recommended) price of 2,000 euros, this new device should convince us. The device in the colors Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze can already be ordered from now on and will be delivered from September 18. A nice gimmick is that for that money you can choose the color (blue, red, gold or silver) of the hinges yourself. A kind of finishing touch for this sleek and beautifully designed device.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 Design
Today it is not that easy to distinguish yourself from the competition in terms of design. The dimensions and desired functionality are too limited for that. With a foldable design it is all a bit more difficult because before you know it you will have a device that you will no longer put in your pocket. Samsung has at least succeeded in giving this “double-thick” smartphone a sleek design.

When folded, you see a 6.23-inch AMOLED screen with the glass back in your hand. If you open it as if it were a book you will see a 7.7 inch amoled screen. This screen must be the x-factor of the Z Fold2 and you have to convince you to want to buy the device.