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Dog owners have been training their dogs for as long as they can remember. There are many benefits to training your dog. Caesar Millan, a canine behavior expert, says that training your dog will benefit both you and your dog. It will allow your dog to discover their natural talents and skills. This will also help you to bond with your dog through the sharing of new tricks. Teaching a dog tricks can have many benefits, not only for your mental health but also for your pet’s physical well-being. Engaging your dog in agility or fetch training will allow them to live a more active, free lifestyle. This is more like how they would act in the wild. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs that are engaged in physical activity can help prevent many diseases. This book will teach you twenty-five tricks that even someone with no training experience can learn. You can learn to call your dog to come, sit or stay on command. Or you can do something more fun like a barking command or army crawl. Before you start training your dog, I suggest you buy treats and a clicker for your dog. Even an old dog can learn new tricks. I hope you and your dog will strengthen your already strong relationship by learning the tricks in this book. Remember that these techniques are not for dogs. You must also be patient. You teach your dog that consistency and repetition are important. For a command to be effective, you must repeat the same word every time (e.g. You must use the same word for each command (e.g., “sit” or “stay”) For each command you must use the exact same hand motion (e.g. For “stay”, raise your palm and point two fingers to the ground with your fingers. You must practice every day with your dog the trick or tricks that you have taught him the previous day. Start with a simple trick like “sit”, and once he’s performing the task correctly, you can go back to that command for your next practice session. This will ensure that he is competent and that he knows how to do it. You should praise your dog for every successful trick. You can reward your dog with a treat, such as a green bean, raw baby carrot or dog cookie. You and your dog can work together if you are consistent and adhere to these rules. Your dog will be happy and well-behaved if you’re consistent.