Basics Of Dog Training

You may have noticed that there are many Basics of dog training methods that are used to make the owner feel good, rather than doing what is best. Let me show you (this is particularly important when training difficult breeds like beagles). If you only use the “positive only” method, your dog will only learn to listen to you when food is available. Let me explain. This is what you refer to as bribery. If your dog does what you want, you give him a reward. But if he doesn’t listen, you don’t do anything.

Nothing happens. You won’t do anything that could hurt your dog’s feelings. You may wonder, “What’s the problem with this?” It doesn’t work. 0k, this may be a question for many dog owners. But, let me assure you that I am not saying you shouldn’t use tricks when training your dog.

You can use treats in certain situations, such as when your dog is learning tricks. These situations are not crucial, so it doesn’t matter if your dog follows your instructions. You can’t risk chaos if your dog doesn’t shake hands with anyone. The basics of obedience training should be your main focus. Imagine you are walking your dog to the park and your dog starts barking at other animals. You don’t have any treats for him. How do you spell it? D-l-S -A-S -T-E -R. This is true if your dog jumps on strangers due to your inability to properly train your beagle. Even if you do have treats with you, sometimes your dog is too focused on the squirrel chaser than your biscuit.

Respect Training Works

Let’s now move to the part that lets you give up on positive-only training. We will talk about how re- spect training can help your beagle become a better dog. This is where balance comes into play in your dog training. You can reward your dog’s actions with positive reinforcement, but there will also be times when you must let your dog suffer the consequences. Let’s face it, your dog is a living being, just like you and I. To learn, any living creature must experience both the good as well as the bad.

There are two things you need to remember:

* Positive outcomes inspire us to take the same action

* We are discouraged from taking action because of negative consequences

Let me paint you a picture to help you understand what I am trying to convey. Imagine that your mom would reward you with ice cream for every perfect score in your exams. This would encourage you to do the same thing again.

Let’s now change the scenario. Let’s say that you missed a class and your mom discovered it. You were given a stern lecture right away. You would avoid this from ever happening. This is not a problem that only humans have, it can also happen to dogs. Mother dogs can correct their puppy’s behavior by instinct. If a puppy is too rough with Momma Dog, Momma Dog will tell her puppy that this behavior is unacceptable.

Even dogs do this to their puppies. If the puppy is playing rationally, his mom will naturally respond positively. If the situation was not the same, the mom dog will immediately growl. Ask yourself this question: Does your puppy become bored with his mother or stop playing with him? Yup, the puppy does not stop playing. He actually continues to play but on a more gentle note. This is what I am trying to convey. Balanced dog training is the best way to teach your Beagles how to be happy. This means that their actions and behaviors can have a positive or detrimental impact on their consequences. Positive consequences do not necessarily mean that you should only reward your dog with treats. Your beagle can also enjoy a variety of toys, games, and even pet care products.

Negative consequences can be addressed by using a correction word, your voice, body language, tone, and hands cues. You may also consider putting your dog on a leash. Yes, you’re wrong if you think negative consequences of being abusive to your dog are related. It is possible to correct bad behavior without causing harm to your beagle. If your friends and family only use positive-only training, you should be aware. This e-Book will cover more details.